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Kickykart wants to achieve one of their core values: pursue growth and learning. In order to do this, we are proud to offer international shipping services. Kickykart ships to almost over 200 countries and provides free shipping from warehouses. However, our shipping time varies by the customer’s location. The approximately estimated time is 10-30 business days. We have many other advantages of shopping with us. Our most popular advantage is “The Buyer’s Protection,” which covers your entire purchase from one click to delivery. Therefore, our customers are able to shop with confidence and remain relaxed. Kickykart also has great deals with their products. The Megalith Fashion watches for men range from $20.99-$23.99. These watches are waterproof, multifunctional, or automatic. Kickykart also received more new arrivals. We have a variety, which differ from being wireless, rechargeable, or gaming wired. Overall, we love to fulfill the desires of our customers; therefore, Kickykart will be launching newer products soon. 

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